Details of Service

Urgent and emergency medical problems

Episodes of collapse, chest pain or severe breathlessness are medical emergencies. The correct response is to dial 999 and request an ambulance. Croftwell Consulting is not an emergency service. Urgent medical problems are a little harder to define, but again the basic principle is that if you are seriously worried about anyone’s medical condition, dial 999.


The basic consultation time is 20 minutes. Longer consultation times can be arranged at booking. Appointments can be arranged by telephone on 01334 474209. Students can arrange appointments in person at Eden Court during surgery hours.


Fees are based on the time spent in consultation. Please see the information about fees for medical tests if any are required. We accept credit cards, cheques or cash.

Home visits

Should a home visit be necessary, this can be arranged. Normally this would be within a radius of about 15 miles of St Andrews. Non-urgent visits to more distant locations may be possible. Please contact me to discuss and I shall try to be as helpful as I can.


As I am a private GP my prescriptions are also private. This means that the pharmacist will charge you the cost of the medication plus a private dispensing fee. Please note that I do not prescribe for anyone I have not seen personally.

Relationship with NHS GP services

Our medical services are designed to complement the care provided by your NHS GP and the other members of your primary care team, and not to replace it. It is neither necessary nor desirable that you should discontinue registration with your NHS GP. I recommend that important medical information is shared with your NHS GP, but this will only be with your permission.

St Andrews University students

All students at St Andrews University are entitled to NHS treatment during their time at university and are recommended to register with one of the two NHS general practices in St Andrews.

Case records and confidentiality

All consultations and other contacts are dealt with in strict confidence. Medical records are kept secure and you can see your medical record at any mutually convenient time.